Thursday, October 15, 2009


When I was young, I believed my Grandfather's middle name was Jasper. However, when I showed the records I had for him to my mother, she informed me that he HATED that name, and had never acknowledged it. However, it must have come from somewhere since so many people believed it was his middle name.

I have NOT found a birth certificate for him - so do not know what is on his birth certificate.

However, below is a typed copy of a will his mother instructed her son Thomas to write on December 8, 1929. Because of what is in this will, I have personally decided to list my Grandfather's name as Lott Russon Kirkham on my records. Even were we to find Jasper on his birth certificate, I believe that his mother thought of him as Lott Russon and therefore, I want to respect he wishes and refer to him as Lott Russon, especially since I know it to be an honor to his mother's family, and I know that Lott did not want the name of Jasper as a middle name. The typed copy of the will follows:

FIRST PAGE - All Centered

This is a Copy of the
Written by
Thomas Franklin Kirkham

Between six and seven A.M.
Sunday, December 8, 1929
Lehi, Utah County, Utah

Children of George and Sara Russon Kirkham
Heirs name in Will

William Kirkham
Thomas Franklin Kirkham
Lott Russon Kirkham
Maude Kirkham Russell
Oliver George Kirkham
Bessy LaVerne Kirkham\Denzil Washington Kirkham
Raymond Lee Kirkham

(Other Children, Deceased)
Joseph Kirkham unmarried at death
Sarah Kirkham unmarried at death
Avery James Kirkham unmarried at death

Second Page - not centered

My Dear Children:
I have decided to make my will so that there will be no trouble among you and that you will all be happy and love each other. I want you all to be satisfied with what I am going to say for you to have left to you all.

Now my dear children, God bless you all, be true and faithful so we can all meet again when all is over and we have fought the good fight and won the crown. I do love you all, there is not a pin difference. You are all my dear loved ones and so dear to your Mother and Father. He loved his children. Be true to each other and united.

O my son William, may God help and bless you in your last days, be faithful:
To my son Thomas F. who has been always true and obedient to his parents, my missionary:
And my dear old Maudie, true to her mother and her Lord, my missionary girl;
And dear son Lott R., the peacemaker, true to his family and all, God bless him;
And my son, Oliver George, born in exile for our religion, or those days;
To my Bessy LaVerne who is my provider and a blessing to me, God bless her;
And dear Denzil Washington, my missionary boy, true and faithful to his Lord;
And last of all, O my baby, Raymond Lee, who is now on a mission in Germany,
And my Missionaries, and such a grand man, he is true to his God and his mother,

May God bless you, I am proud of such an honorable family. You are true and faithful children. God bless the missionaries of mine, thanks to the Lord.

I want the home to stand as it is and not to be touched till the last one is married, then to be sold and then divided equally. I want the furniture to be divided, and the pictures have the names on them and the dishes and my clothes to my two girls. Now be honest and true to each other. God bless you all. Your mother,
(Signed) Mrs. Sara Kirkham

I appoint my son, William, to be administrator of estate and request that he sees to it that my desires as expressed in this will be carried out faithefully.

(Signed) Mrs. Sara Kirkham

(The victrola is LaVerne's own)