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by Bessie Laverne Fillerup
Leah, daughter of George and Mary Russon Kirkham, was born 22 May 1887 in Lehi, Utah, and died 4 Feb 1920 in American Fork, Utah, and is buried in American Fork, Utah. She married Stephen Lyman Anderson 12 May 1909 in Salt Lake City, Utah. Later she was endowed in the Salt Lake Temple. He was the son of Emil Anderson and Sophia Anderson. He was born 10th Aug 1885 in American Fork, Utah, and died 3 Dec 1940 in Salt Lake City, Utah. He was buried in American Fork, Utah.

Leah received her early education in the elementary schools of Lehi where she was accompanied by her sisters. Her childhood was spent happily doing her parents bidding in attending church duties and learning the ways of the Gospel. Leah was baptized on her eighth birthday by her father. Leah loved the songs of Zion and was a member of the Fourth Ward Choir that had thirteen relatives as members and that her father was leader for twenty years. (A picture of this choir exists.)

Leah always loved to tell the story about her father being a member of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir and that he went with them to the Chicago World’s Fair Exposition and upon his return, he made a concert tour of Southern Utah with his little daughters, Leah and Maude, furnishing music and song and displaying a picture of the choir and lecturing about it’s famous Chicago trip.

Leah and Stephen and family made their home in American Fork, Utah, and remained there the rest of her life.

Children of Stephen Lyman and Leah Kirkham Anderson

Emil Anderson

Wayne Lyman Anderson

Miles Alvin Anderson

Vilda Anderson Phillips

Leo James Anderson

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(The following was written by Bessie LaVerne Kirkham Fillerup, half-sister of Annie Amelia.)
Annie Amelia, daughter of George and Mary Russon Kirkham, was born 2 Oct 1884, in Lehi, Utah, and died 29 Aug 1949 in Salt Lake City, Utah. She married Clyde Samuel Fox, 29 Sep 1909 in the Salt Lake Temple, son of Isaac Fox and Elizabeth Zimmerman. He was born 22 Dec 1886 in Lehi, Utah.

Annie spent her childhood days in Lehi and was a dutiful and loving sister and daughter. Along with her sisters Eliza and Rachel, she attended to household duties uncomplaining and happy to be with them. She received her education in the schools of Lehi and was a leader in her interests in art and music. She was baptized on her eighth birthday by her father as he did all his children.

With her husband and family, in 1917, after living in Utah for several years, moved to Idaho Falls, Idaho, where she was active in Primary work and served as President of the Relief Society and as member of the Relief Society Stake Board.

Several years later, the family returned to Utah and lived in Salt Lake City, Utah. Annie was active in Sunday School work and was a member of the Singing Mothers. She had been a member of the choirs of the Eighteenth and Twenty-seventh Wards.

Annie’s great interest and hobby was her painting. She filled her home and the homes of her loved ones with beautiful paintings.

Children of Clyde Samuel and Annie Amelia Kirkham Fox

Orval Clyde Fox

Esten Levan Fox

Leo Wilson Fox

Rhea Fox Duncan

I lived in the 18th Ward in salt Lake City from 1967 to 1973.   While I lived there, we were told much about this historical building.  When I lived there, President Joseph Fielding Smith and his wife, Jesse Evans Smith,  were part of our ward.  Eventually, the chapel for this ward was moved and the remaining parts of the building were demolished and a new church was built.  You can now see the chapel where it was moved to on Capitol Hill in Salt Lake.  The chapel was T shaped with a loft in the back.  The stained glass windows were beautiful and worth preserving.