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Any relative of Lott and Sarah Kirkham will enjoy watching the following videos submitted by Michael Kirkham, son of Donald Robinson and Deona Huntsman Kirkham, son of Lott and Sarah.

Reunion at Maurice’s:

Reunion at Doug’s:

Christmas at Grandma’s:

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William Kirkham, the first born of George and Sarah Russon Kirkham, was born in Lehi, Utah, May 2, 1876 and it was in Lehi he spent his young days and youth and received his early education in the Lehi schools.  He attended church regularly and kept a strict adherence to the Word of Wisdom.  He advanced in the Priesthood to the office of Seventy.

He loved to tell the story of the time as a boy, his Father took him with his sisters Rachel and Eliza and Brother George E. to the top scaffolding and to the statue of the Angel Moroni of the Salt Lake Temple when it was being dedicated in 1893, his father being a member of the Tabernacle Choir then and had permits for them.

He was a well known Lehi Real Estate Operator.  He served as mail carrier to Pelican Point and Cedar Valley, Utah County, for thirty years, making life long friends.

He held the office of Seventy in the Lehi Second Ward Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day-Saints, and served as a missionary for two years in the Central States Mission under President Samuel O. Bennion.

He married Emily May Hoggard 18 Jul 1897 in Provo, Utah, daughter of George Hoggard and Mary Alice Eldredge.  She was born 19 April 1880 in American Fork, Utah, and died 6 Feb 1950 in Murray, Salt Lake, Utah;  their marriage being solemnized in the Salt Lake temple.

William passed away 6 Sep 1953 in Lehi, Utah at the age of seventy seven and was buried in Lehi. 

Children of William and Emily
William Leon Kirkham
Leda Myrl Kirkham Goates
Burton Kirkham
Cleo Kay Kirkham Beagley




Family of Bert and Rachel Kirkham Wanlass
Rachel Kirkham Wanlass and Sister-in-law, Sarah Wrigley Kirkham
Rachel, daughter of George and Mary Russon Kirkham, was born May 9th, 1875 in Lehi, Utah, and died 1 April 1964 at Monroe, Utah and buried in Monroe.  She married Joseph Wanlass 20 April 1897 in the Salt Lake Temple.  He was son of James Wanlass and Margaret Nielson.

Rachel, with a very pleasant and cheerful disposition was a delight to her parents and brothers and sisters.  She was her Mother  constant helper.  She loved her church and her school and aided younger members of her family to get off to their duties.  She was baptized by her father on her eighth birthday. 

At age fifteen, Rachel was employed as clerk by her Uncles James Kirkham in his mercantile store in Lehi, Utah, then was employed by Broadbent and Sons Mercantile Store in Lehi, Utah.  Some time later she moved to Salt Lake City and was employed and where she could also help her father while he was working on the tabernacle and Temple.  It was while she was in Salt Lake, she met and was married to Joseph Wanlass.  They made their home in Lehi soon after,  during the years of 1904-1917 she served as Primary Association Missionary and Teacher.  She served as Second Counselor, then first Counselor and later as President of the Primary Association, Lehi Ward.  She served as Stake Missionary in Sevier Stake when the family moved to Monroe, Utah, and then was chosen as counselor to the President of the Relief Society for a period of five years.  She served for over forty years as Relief Society teacher.  She served as work director for eight years.

Her hobbies were quilting, crocheting and knitting.  He beautiful work has received many awards.  One lovely table cloth was among the exhibits at the third National Crochet Contest of the American Women  Association in New York City, N. Y.  During World War II she knitted 118 stump and toe socks for the American Red Cross for service men, 12 woolen gloves, many sweaters and scarves.  She was presented a pin from the Federal Government for her outstanding contributions.  During the last few years of her life she made more than 400 lace doilies for friends and presented many to teenagers, both girls and boys.  In 1957 Rachel was chosen candidate for  other of the Year by Sanpete-Sevier Federated Women  Clubs.

Children of Joseph and Rachel Kirkham Wanlass
Joseph Earl Wanlass
Sylvan George Wanlass
Marie Margarite Wanlass
LeRoy James Wanlass
Thelma Lela Wanlass Meyer
Zona Wanlass West
Floyd Kirkham Wanlass
Ezeline Doone Wanlass

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Edward Menta Wrigley

Birth Date23 Jan 1901

Birth Place:  Lehi, Utah, Utah, United States

Death Date:17 Aug 1981

Death Place: American Fork, Utah, Utah, United States

Burial Date: 19 Aug 1981

Burial Place: Lehi, Utah, Utah, United States
Occupation: Farmer/Steel Worker

Religion: The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

FatherEdward Charles WRIGLEY , M (1864-1929)

MotherSarah Ann ROBINSON , F (1868-1925)


Birth Date: 7 Feb 1905

Birth PlaceBench Creek, Wasatch, Utah, United States

Death Date8 Feb 1968

Death PlaceAmerican Fork, Utah, Utah, United States

Burial Date12 Feb 1968

Burial PlaceLehi, Utah, Utah, United States

Burial MemoLehi City Cemetery, 38, 5, 4


ReligionThe Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

FatherRobert Moroni MICHIE , M (1861-1912)

MotherElena Dorothy LAMBERT , F (1863-1957)

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Hyrum Russon, son of George and Mary Russon Kirkham, was born 15th July 1882 in Lehi, Utah and died 27th Jul 1943 in Salt Lake City, Utah, and buried in Lehi, Utah.  He married Mabel L. Woolf 17 February 1904 .  She was born 6th Apr 1885 in Hyde Park, Utah, and died 31st Mar 1960 in Salt Lake City, Utah, and was buried in Lehi, Utah.

Hyrum was baptized on his eighth birthday by his father.  He attended his church duties and his schools and was known never to shirk any task that was given him.  He grew to manhood with the love and admiration of all his family.  He was always lovingly known as  Hy Kirkham.
During Hyrum's  early life he was employed by the Utah-Idaho Sugar Company in their sugar beet fields and was later employed in the sugar factory at Lehi, Utah.  He attended the Brigham Young University and was captain of the basketball team.  He was also a member of the baseball team.  Hyrum began the career of grocery man in 1909 as manager of Simons-Woolf store in Ucon, Idaho.  In 1916 he became manager of the Zion  Co-operative Mercantile Institution of Idaho Falls, Idaho.  In later years he was transferred to the grocery department in the main store in Salt Lake City, Utah. 

Hyrum was a very likeable gentleman and attracted people to him.  He had a winsome smile and was most courteous to all.  He was a faithful Latter-Day-Saint and was never without a position of responsibility.  He was ordained a deacon 11 Jan 1896 and advanced through the different quorums until he was ordained a High Priest.  He fulfilled a mission for the church to Great Britain during the years 1907-9.  During his missionary labors he baptized seventeen coverts.  Other assignments given him by the church officials were:  Secretary of the Lehi Sunday School, the enrollment being 1280 members.  In 1905 he was Secretary of Bingham Stake Mutual Improvement Association.  He served as counselor to the Bishop of Ucon Ward, Idaho, and was selected as Bishop of that ward in 1915.  In December 1910 he was appointed Justice of the Peace in Fairview, Idaho.  The family moved from Ucon to Idaho Falls, Idaho where he was called to preside of the Y.M.M.I.A.  Later he was set apart as first assistant to the Stake Sunday School Superintendent.  During this calling he arranged five annual Father and Sons Outings.  Here were attended by a total of 1132 persons.  Total miles traveled-520.  In 1925 he was set apart as a member of the Stake High Council, and later was set apart as second counselor to the Stake President.  The family moved to Salt Lake City, Utah in 1926.  His first appointment in Salt Lake was supervisor of Yale Ward Teachers, and also teacher of the high Priest  Quorum.  Later he was appointed as a Stake Missionary, and then set apart as President of Ward Stake Missionaries.  Hyrum lived a full life of service.

Children of Hyrum Russon and Mabel Woolf Kirkham
Vilda Kirkham Campbel            Burdett Alton Kirkham
Fern Kirkham Cornaby              De Esta Kirkham Ludwig
Wynona Kirkham Cottrell        Roma Kirkham Hardy
Emerson Dale Kirkham

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 George Erastus, first born of George and Mary Russon Kirkham, was born 14th Sept 1873 in Lehi, Utah, and died 5 Mar 1928 and was buried in Lehi, Utah.  He married Mary Ann Briggs 25 Nov 1896 in Lehi, Utah, daughter of Samuel and Emma Thomas Briggs.  She was born 6 October 1876 in Lehi, Utah and died 21st February 1955 in Orem, Utah, and buried in Lehi, Utah.  Their marriage was solemnized in the Salt lake temple.

 George spent his youth in Lehi, attending school and church along with his brothers and sisters.  He was baptized on his eight birthday 14 Sep 1881 by his father.  He was kind and helpful to his mother and father and brothers and sisters.

 He was a natural born craftsman. He was apt at drawing, carving and printing.  His daughter Norma Dee has a rolling pin that he made when he was in the Primary Association.

 At the age of twelve he was employed by the Utah-Idaho Sugar Company, Lehi, Utah, as messenger boy and re remained with the company the remainder of his life.  Soon after his marriage, George was transferred from Lehi to Logan, Utah to assist in erecting a sugar factory in that city.  Upon completion of the factory, he was employed as General Foreman.  He remained in that position for five years and was then transferred to Greeley, Colorado.  While in Greeley, their home was always open to the Mormon Missionaries with whom he and his family had much joy and happiness.  In 1907 he received a rush call to go to Raymond, Alberta, Canada, to be general foreman at the Sugar Factory there.  The next move was to Layton, Utah, where he was engaged as Superintendent of the Sugar Factory.  Two years later they were transferred to Moroni, Utah, where he was engaged as Superintendent of the new Sugar Factory there.  Later he was transferred back to Layton, Utah, factory.  Finally, the family settled in Provo, Utah, to be near the Brigham Young University, where the children of college age could continue their education.  George was a family man and loved his home, his wife and children.  He was a faithful Latter-Day=-Saint and fulfilled every assignment given him.

Children of George E. and Mary Ann Briggs Kirkham

Meldon Clara Kirkham Christensen
Roscoe George Kirkham,
Clarence Albert Kirkham
Norma Dee Kirkham Jaeson
Myrtle Mamie Kirkham
Maxine Kirkham Larson
Dean B. Kirkham
Mary B. Kirkham Purdy
Clyde William Kirkham



Written by his Sister;Bessy LaVerne Kirkham Fillerup

March 21, 1972  North Hollywood, California

 Denzil was born in Lehi, Utah, January 6, 1900, the seventh of the eight sons of George and Sarah Russon Kirkham.  His childhood was a happy one, school in the old Grammar School House, advancing in his Priesthood in the Church, graduating from Lehi High School, popular and loved by his schoolmates.

 Denzil was an exceptional young man, energetic, loving and kind to all, adored by all who knew him.  Clean in habits, Denzil kept the Word of Wisdom and stayed close to the teachings of his beloved parents.

 His sister, Bessy LaVerne says,  t was him I grew up with, chummed with, went to school and danced with.  Both of us played drums, he in Smuin  Orchestra and High School Band and I in Lehi High School Ladies Band.  I was proud of Denzil while he attended High School.  He was popular in dramatics, in band and orchestra, sports manager of the basket ball team that was leader in Utah sports while he attended High School with them urging them on to victory always.

 He was employed in the sugar beet fields in the summertime to help with his high school expenses.  He was in the Reserve Officers Training Corps at the University of Utah and had almost finished his training when the Armistice was signed, for World Ward I.  At this time he was called to fill a mission to the Central States.  His missionary companion, G. Byron Done, said of him that  e was an exceptional missionary   It is said he ate  any a hot dog to help defray expenses so his father would  have to worry about his mission costs.  He attended the Brigham Young University one year after his mission, then he accepted a position with the Gebhardt Company located in Ephraim, Utah.  He married Fern Alta Nielson of Ephraim, Utah, July 15, 1926 in the Logan Temple.  In Ephraim his two children were born;  Sally born July 30, 1929 and Ronald D. born 17 July 1932.  The family lived in Ephraim for several years and then moved to Tremonton, Utah where Denzil was still connected with the Gebhardt Company, a general Merchandise Department Chain Store.

 All through his life, Denzil was true to his Church and its teachings, was loved by all and remembered with love and admiration.  He met an untimely death in an accident in Tremonton, December 23rd, 1945.

Children of Denzil Washington and Fern Alta Nielson Kirkham
Sally Kirkham
Donald Kirkham


Alvin Willard, the third son of George and Mary Russon Kirkham was born 31 Jul 1894 in Lehi, Utah.  He married Rae Kathryn Rose on 13 June 1923 in the Salt Lake Temple.

Alvin received his early education in the elementary schools and graduated from Lehi, High School.  He was President of the Lehi High School Student Body and Salutatorian, Class of 1914.  He gained four letters in athletics & Drama Club.  
He advanced in the Priesthood and active in his duties in the Church.  He served as President of the following Quorums of Priesthood:  Deacons, Teachers and Priests.  Later in life he advanced to High Priest.  He was chorister of the Sunday School in the Lehi Fourth Ward.  He also served as President of the Young Men’s Mutual Improvement Association of Phoenix, Arizona Second Ward.   When Alvin had a duty to perform he did it to the utmost.  He kept a strict adherence to the Word of Wisdom as was taught by his parents.

Alvin received his BS degree in 1923 from the University of Utah.  He attended the Brigham Young University and the University of California at Los Angeles.  At the University of Utah he was Headmaster of Delta Sigma Pi, member of the Men’s Glee Club and Symphony Orchestra.

 He served as principal, Freemont Schools, Wayne County, Utah.  In Salt Lake City, he was efficiency engineer for the Burroughs Adding Machine Company and in Phoenix, Arizona, State Manager of Illinois Bankers Life Assurance Company and in California, Los Angeles, County Department of Youth Rehabilitation.
 Alvin’s war service was very extensive.    He was Lehi, Utah’s first volunteer for duty overseas in World War I.  He was decorated by the French Government with the highest Unit Citation, the Fleur-de-lis Bade and Cord.  It was bestowed at Chaumont, France, in a significant demonstration of the Allied Armies, in the presence of Marshal Foch and John J. Pershing.

 Excerpts from Alvin’s Military Discharge:  “Service August 13, 1917 to Sep 27, 1919.  Sea Services USS Von Stueben Feb. 5 to 25, 1918.  Foreign service:  Serve with 97th Company, 6th Regt., USMC and A.E.F. Rank Sergeant.  Battles, engagements, skirmishes, expeditions:  St. Miheil Sector, Meuse-Argonne Offensive (Champagne Sector), March to the Rhine River, Nov. 17 to Dec. 1918.  Army of Occupation in Coblenz Bridgehead, Dec. 10 to Mar. 7 1919.  Hospitalized at Coblenz Bridgehead, Germany, March 8, 1919 to May 1, 1919.  French army Hospital May 5, to May 11, 1919.  Sustained shrapnel and gas injuries near Thiacourt, France.  Left France aboard U.S.S. Manchuria May 1, 1919 for Brooklyn Naval Hospital, transferred to Great Lakes Naval Hospital, June to September 27, 1919.  Honorably discharged upon review of medical survey for disability.
 Alvin and Rae  made their home for many years in Los Angeles.
 Children of Alvin Willard and Rae Kathryn Rose Kirkham
Willard Edmond Kirkham
Viva Rae Kirkham Ridler
Guinevere Kirkham Gual
Dan Romaine Kirkham
George Alvin Kirkham
Matta Lael Kirkham Lile
Avalon Adele Kirkham Lanza