Friday, June 15, 2012


I have added the following pictures to their Life Sketches thanks to Kathy Reed: 
Annie Kirkham Fox
Leah Kirkham Anderson
Daisy Kirkham Christensen
Alvin Kirkham
Ruby Kirkham Pack
George E. Kirkham

I am trying to collect as many pictures as possible.  If you have any that are applicable that are not on this blog, please contact me.  Carolyn

Thursday, June 14, 2012


Picture submitted by Kathy Kirkham Reed.  Picture published in book The Journals of George Kirkham transcribed by William Kirkham and Kathy Kirkham Reed.

George and Mary Kirkham Family

Back Row, left to right:  Leah Kirkham Anderson, Annie Kirkham Fox, Daisy Kirkham Christensen
Front Row, left to right:  Rachel Kirlkham Wanlass, Alvinb Kirkham, Mary Russon Kirkham, George Kirkham, Rub Kirkham Pack, Eliza Kirkham Crabb
Note in Picture:  George E. and Hyrum R