Wednesday, April 28, 2010


PEACH STONE carved by George Kirkham
(in possession of Kirkham Smith, Great Grandson of George)

Like most ancestors of George Kirkham, I have been fascinated with the various Peach Stone stories concerning George Kirkham.  Family tradition has him carving several peach stones into various designs while in the prison once located in what is now Sugarhouse Park, Salt Lake City, UT.  He was part of the experimental polygamy trials and was imprisoned because of polygamy. 

I have long wanted to see one of these Peach Stones.  My Uncle Donald Robinson (Bob) Kirkham of Shelley, Idaho has a Peach Stone.  I have seen a picture of it, but never the stone.  It has an anchor carved on one side of the stone, and the initials, LK carved on the other side.  This stone was reportedly given to Lott Kirkham, the son of George, because of the part Lott played in George's polygamy trial.  (See Peach Pitt on this blog for further information)

Several weeks ago, I received an exciting call.  My first cousin, Kirkham Smith from California, called to tell me he was in town, and he had a Peach Stone I could see and touch.  I expected to see another stone such as belonged to my uncle.  Instead, the stone pictured here was what Kirkham possessed.  The stone is actually about 1-1/2 inches big.  It is a wonder how George carved this beautiful little monkey from something as hard and tiny as a peach pit.  It clearly proclaims his talents, and his industry, and leaves us with a beatuiful heirloom to remind us of our ancestors.

I hope that others see this post, and can report on other peach stones carved by George.  According to research of my brother, Dale Johnson, there are several such stones.  His research will follow in another post. 

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