Monday, August 30, 2010


I love this picture of Adah Lucy Steel (Wrigley) (Job) Stoddart and her daughters that I received from Karen Kirkham Tuft. Pictured are Mary Jane Job on far left, and Adah Lucy Steel on far right.  The other daughters are Birdie Maude, Ada Lucy, Sarah Jane, Josephine Idell, Lucy Aletta and Ann Foreman ( not necesarily in that order).  Adah's daughter Clara Leona is not pictured as she died as a toddler.  Interesting note:  Mary Jane Job, the oldest daughter married Joseph Kirkham in his later life.  Her sister, Birdie Maude,  married the son of Joseph Kirkham, Joseph Hyrum Kirkham.  Adah Lucy Steel Stoddart also had four sons.  I would like anyone who can to identify the different daughters. 

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