Saturday, January 1, 2011


Submitted by Carolyn J. Christensen.

For years, my big Christmas Project was to obtain new Family History materials for our family, then distribute it to my parents, siblings, and nieces and nephews.  This project involved reams of paper and many, many notebooks.  It also involved trying to formulate a way to keep the material organized - which as many of you know, was nearly impossible. 

This Christmas, I sent the following message to those who have always received information from me.

“Merry Christmas:

· The Bad News is that if you don’t use a computer, the following is of little use to you.

· The Good News is that you aren’t getting a bunch of papers from me for Christmas.

· The Better News is that there is an attachment that you can print if you want – or not. It is also below on this email.

· The Best News is that throughout the next year, all the family history I have ever given you in the yearly notebook installments will eventually show up on the Blog Spots. No longer will you have to feel guilty about not being able to get all those papers organized that I have sent you. And – on the Blog Spot, it will all be indexed in the left hand column, and available to anyone who wants to see it with a simple click of the finger.

Sooooo- my Christmas Gift to my Family is :

A study of family history tells you who you are. What better gift can I give you for Christmas and on a continuous basis than self-awareness – which I will do on these blogs”

This message encompasses my plans and desires for the blog for the coming year.  Eventually, I hope it can be said that any information I have about this family is on this Blog.  Carolyn

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