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JOSEPH WRIGLEY (1840-1911)
The following information about the family of Joseph Wrigley was found in the book “Castle Valley, A History of Emery County” compiled by Mrs. Stella McElprang and produced by the Emery County Company of The Daughters of the Utah Pioneers.

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Page 106

Edward Wrigley (son of Joseph) and his family settled in Kingsville in 1897. Kingsville was later known as Clawson. (Edward soon took his family back to the Salt Lake Valley to a permanent home.)

Page 153

In the Autumn of this year 1878, other settlers came (to Ferron). Among them were William Taylor, Sr., William Taylor, Jr., Joseph Wrigley, J,. S. Thornton, Mads Larsen, Mike Molen and Hyrum Cook.

Some of those had seen advertisements in the Deseret News of certain kinds of laborers needed in Castle Valley.

In the fall of 1878, the men folk took up plots of ground and finished ditches and built comfortable dugouts. The women returned to Sanpete to avoid the terrors of winter in this wild country. With them went Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Larsen, and Mr. and Mrs. Peter F. Peterson. Only one woman remained, Ann Singleton Wrigley. Her husband went back for his other wife.

But Ann was made of sterner stuff. Alone she faced winter, the solitude and terrors of a wild, untamed country with only a dug-out for protection. She took care of her small brood, the oldest child, Clara, was only five. Here is an untold story of bravery, daring and determination that is rare in any history. Ann was cast in a heroic mold. It was just such characters as hers who kept up the morale of the pioneers.

When the spring of 1879 came, there was an influx of new settlers. The wives came back and Mr. Wrigley, too.

Page 156

Fresh fruit was especially scarce. There was none, except red berries, native to the valley.

Joseph Wrigley brought ground cherry plants for a quick fruit crop.

Page 158

Joseph Wrigley built a large log house where Ferron Merc. store now stands.

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