Monday, July 6, 2009


This tapestry was stitched between 1837 and 1862 while Martha Foreman Charles was Lady-in-Waiting to Queen Victoria (who ascended the thrown of England in 1837).

The unfinished tapestry was brought to America by Lucy Charles Steel, daughter of Martha Charles.

Martha Foreman Charles - 1779-1862
Lucy Charles Steel - 1817-1923
Adah Lucy Steel Stoddart- 1847-1936
Edward Charles Wrigley - 1864-1929
Sarah Adelaide Wrigley Kirkham- 1888-1973
Doris Kirkham Johnson - 1923 -
Carolyn Johnson Christensen - 1945

Grandma Sarah Kirkham showed me this tapestry when I was young. For some reason, I felt an emotional attachment to it, and tried to determine how I could impress Grandma enough for her to leave it to me. In my early teens, I came up with the idea to give Grandma a gold painted frame for Christmas in which to hang the tapestry. At that point, she realized that it was important to me, and told me I could have the tapestry. If the picture is clicked on, the size increases and you can see better the stitching. You can also see that the tapestry was never finished. The information that Martha Charles was a Lady-in-Waiting to Queen Victoria was given to me by Grandma Sarah Kirkham. I have not been able to prove this information.


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  2. Note: The King's Robe in this tapestry was purple when I was a little girl. Also, the King is Nebuchadnezzar & the prophet is Daniel.


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