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Last night, July 19th, I attended a Sons of the Utah Pioneer Fundraiser in Lehi where they were honoring my ancestors, George William and Mary Ann Astington Kirkham. I was bolstered by my husband’s attendance, along with Kathy Kirkham Reed, my cousin, and her husband. Our husbands were very good sports as we walked around acquainting ourselves with all kinds of Kirkhams that we had never met. By the end of the evening, our husbands knew a lot more than they ever thought they wanted to know about our illustrious ancestors.

Side Note: Kathy Kirkham Reed is the woman responsible for the publication of the Journals of George Kirkham, son of George William and Mary Ann Astington Kirkham. Because of Kathy and her father, William Gaylor Kirkham, son of Lott Kirkham, we have the journals in easy to use book form, printed in readable type and enhanced with pictures. One other of the four Kirkham brothers kept a Journal. In fact, James’s journal is even more extensive than George’s, but is still on microfilm under the auspices of the LDS Church. It took Kathy and her father one year to accomplish the transcriptions of George’s journal to the thanks of many Kirkham descendants.  This book is being published again by popular demand. Connie Kirkham Nielson & Kathy Kirkham Reed would be contacts if you are interested.

Many of the attendees last night were descended from William Kirkham, oldest son of George and Sarah Russon Kirkham – and they entertained us with music and spoken word – reminding us of the talents and accomplishments of our forebears. The story of George William and Mary Ann Astington Kirkham, and their four sons, James, George, Hyrum and Joseph is fascinating – whether you are related to them or not.

I took my camera with me. I was hoping there would be treasures shared that I could take pictures of and there were. Two violins made by George Kirkham were in attendance, as well as a painting he did of his Lehi home, and even a piece of canvas from the wagon covering that brought them here. And there was – to my joy – another of the famous peach pit watch fobs. This one was made for Thomas Kirkham with a T carved on one side, and a K on the other. I hope you enjoy seeing these items displayed on this website. I am always seeking those who have heirlooms that will share pictures of them with us.

This is a picture of an oversized violin made by George Kirkham, now in possession of Margie Kirkham Stevens.
Another violin made by George Kirkham.  It is a smaller violin, and didn't fit him as well, as George was a large man.  This violin is owned by Shelley Peck.
The lettering on this canvas tells the story.   You can also see the faint pencil lettering that confirms this to be canvas from the Pioneer Wagon of George W. Kirkham.

George, the son of George William painted this rendering of his home in Lehi.

Another Peach Pitt, carved by George while in prison for polygamy appears on our website.  This watch fob was carved for Thomas Kirkham, son of George and Sarah Russon Kirkham.


  1. Please continue to do such work as this! I am so pleased to learn of this site, and look forward to "catching up" Ked


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