Thursday, July 1, 2010


Published by CJ Christensen - granddaughter of Lot and Sarah Wrigley Kirkham. 

The first time I saw this picture was a framed version in the home of Karleen Smith Stoker, granddaughter of Lott and Sarah and daughter of Adah Kirkham Smith.  A few weeks later I saw an original at the home of Kathy Kirkham, daughter of William (Bill) Gaylor Kirkham, and granddaughter of Lott and Sarah.  She kindly forwarded to me last night.  The picture was so fascinating I have immediatley added it to this blog.
The pictured are as follows:
Sarah Wrigley Kirkham and Sarah Russon Kirkham (mother of Lott) are in the car;
Standing in front are:
Orla and Adah Kirkham, Sherman Kirkham, Stan Kirkham, Lott Kirkham and Douglas Kirkham.    


  1. From Kathy Reed:
    The order of the children are"
    Orla, Adah, Sherman, Stan then Doug. Thanks Kathy.

  2. From Thomas Kirkham, son of Orla Kirkham.

    I could be wrong, but in the picture of the early family. I think that is dad on Adahs right side not Doug. I think Doug is standing on Lotts let side. Dad was the tallest of the kids in his family. He went to work at an early age, 12, when they lived in Lehi-I think. Uncle Bob may know for sure, but I feel it is dad on the families far right next to Adahs right. The one on grandpa's left it looks like Doug to me. Next to adahs left looks like Sherman to me.

  3. According to my dad (Uncle Bob):
    They are, from left to right, Orla (twin), my mother (in car) Adah (twin), Sherman, Stanford,my Dad's mother (in car), my dad Lott, and Douglas. The whole sh - kit and caboodle except for Doris, the homely one Bill, and the youngest, gifted, handsome, intelligent, gifted, outstanding, gifted, admired, looked up to, gifted Donald Robinson (funeral date not yet set. Will notify.)
    Love, Donald R. Duck


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