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Youngest Child & Son of Edward Charles and Sarah Ann Robinson Wrigley

Robinson Wrigley was born January 11, 1915, in Salt Lake City, Utah, to Edward Charles and Sarah Ann Robinson Wrigley. He spent his childhood in Salt Lake and attended school there. He was left an orphan when he was about ten or eleven years old and spent his time with his brother, Charles and his sister Adah,and their families. He went to barber school and later moved to Magna where he bought a home with acreage and a barber shop.

On 19 Oct 1936, he married Mary Evelyn Wilmarth at Tooele, Utah.

Bob’s hobbies are animals and fowl. His place is large enough so he has a horse, dog, all kinds of chickens, fowl, turkeys, bees. He is also interested in homing pigeons and helps his friends train them.

Evelyn’s folks built a home on Bob’s lot so Evelyn could take care of them when they got so they couldn’t take care of themselves. Bob and Evelyn took care of them for many years.

Notes from Carolyn Christensen:

Bob passed away on 3 July 1971 at the age of 56.

Children: Marlene Bobby Mae,    Wesley Wayne

Bob and Evelyn also raised a granddaughter, Vicky.

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