Monday, June 13, 2011


Following are histories for three of the four daughters of William Eckersley and Hannah Hardy Eckersley.
These three girls, along with thier sister came to America when they were children.  There, their father was murdered in St. Louis, and their mother had to find a way to get her family of four girls to Salt Lake City.  For more information about this persevering and faithful family, see the histories for Hannah Hardy Eckersley Crompton, William Eckersley, and John Crompton. 

John Crompton and Hannah had two daughters.  I am hoping to find someone who has information or histories about the fourth Eckersley daughter and the two Crompton daughters. 
Mary Eckersley md. Peter Erickson
Margaret Emma Crompton md. William James Rushton (settled in Snake River Valley nr. IF)
Elivra Crompton md.  James Ephriam Steele (settled in Snake River Valley nr. IF)

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