Tuesday, June 7, 2011


I was excited to get the following email from Dalin Wrigley – son of Edward Menta and Rula Wrigley. Menta is the son of Edward (Steele) and Sarah Russon Wrigley. I vaguely remembered Kim and Dallin from when I was young and often wondered where they were.

From Dalin:

I was using Google Image search to find a picture of Joseph Wrigley, which led me to your blog. I got the picture; thank you and found several others. One interesting picture I found on your site was of Evelyn Wrigley, wife of Robinson Wrigley. I haven’t seen her since Robinson died (uncle Bob) to me. I am the youngest son of Edward Menta Wrigley, Robinson’s younger brother. We grew up in American Fork and often went to Uncle Bob and Aunt Evelyn’s home.

As generations change unfortunately we lose touch with people we should keep in contact with.

My name is Dallin Wrigley; I live in Las Vegas, NV.

Thanks for bringing back some good memories to me. I forwarded the picture to my brother and my sister. I’m sure they will be interested as well.

I replied that I would like to post his e-mail. I received the following, as well as the attached pictures.

From Dalin:

I don’t mind at all if you post my email. Perhaps I’ll make some new contacts in a family that doesn’t know each other very well.

I have attached three pictures. The first is of Edward M & Rula Wrigley from maybe about 1950. The second is from a little reunion of just the three of us (Edward & Rula’s children). It was in the summer of 1985. See if you can pick out Joyce, Kim, and Dallin. The third is of Andrea, my wife and me from 2001.

Thanks again,

Dallin Wrigley

Edward Menta & Rula Wrigley

Dallin Wrigley

 The Edward Menta and Rula Wrigley Family in 1985. 

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