Thursday, November 10, 2011


I received the following email from Merrill Maylett and wanted to add it to the information about Fannie Eckersley.  I appreciate any information anyone sends me.

Hi Carolyn...
Fannie Eckerlsey's full maiden name was Hannah Francisco Eckersley, according to my grandmother, Laura Dame Draper Petersen, who was Fannie's daughter.  Fannie was only a nickname for Francisco.  My grandmother was quite adamant about that as was my aunt Amy Zoe Draper.   Also, in the "Mormon Draper's" book by Delbert Draper, the picture of Doc Draper and his 3 wives were mislabeled, again according to my grandmother and Aunt Zoe.   The taller wife in the center was actually Fannie, which agrees with other pictures I have seen of her.    My grandmother even made the correction in her copy of the book.

Was just reading your blog stories and find them interesting.  One thing I find very doubtful though is the part stating that "All of her (Fannie's) children were sealed to her first husband." According to Church records, all but John Eckersley Brown, Fannie's sun by the ill-fated John Weaver Brown were born in the Covenant to Fannie and Doc Draper.  It is interesting though that Fannie's last name is listed as Brown, rather than Draper in her birth certificate.

Merrill Maylett

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