Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Oliver George Kirkham was born 9 August 1891 at Salt Lake City, Utah, the son of George and Sarah Russon Kirkham.  Oliver completed his scholastic education in the Lehi, Utah schools.  Later, he applied himself to the sugar making industry and became an expert as a sugar boiler for the Utah-Idaho Sugar Company.  His services were shared in the sugar factories located in Lehi, Utah; Shelley, Idaho; North Dakota, Montana, West Jordan, Utah; and Nebraska.   His Father taught him carpenter trade which he followed later.  He was employed as clerk by Larson Brothers Meat Market for some time in Lehi, Utah.  He gifted as a musician and was a member of the Lehi Silver Band for many years.  The coronet was his instrument.  He and his son Reid played in several orchestras for dances and entertainments in Lehi and neighboring cities. 
Oliver gave his four sons a start in their music training.  He was an elder in the Church and a Scout Master.  Farming was his hobby and he taught his sons farm work.
He married LaVerde Bushman of Lehi and they had an honorable family of four sons and one daughter.
Children of Oliver George and LaVerde Bushman Kirkham
Oliver Reid Kirkham
Avery Bushman Kirkham
Dean Alvin Kirkham
Dale Bruce Kirkham
Dona Elaine Kirkham Parkinson

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