Wednesday, May 16, 2012

I have added pictures to the posts for Bessie Laverne Kirkham Fillerup and Eliza Kirkham Crabb.

Also - I have added all the life sketches written by Bessie L K Fillerup for her siblings and half siblings.  You will find them all on this blog.

FYI:  Children of George Kirkham for which there are stories or sketches.
William Kirkham
Thomas Franklin Kirkham
Joseph Hyrum Kirkham
Lott Russon Kirkham
Maude Kirkham Russell
Oliver Kirkham
Avery Kirkham
Bessy Laverne Kirkham Fillerup
Denzil Kirkham
Raymond Lee Kirkham
George Erastus Kirkham
Rachel Kirkham Wanlass
Eliza Kirkham Crab
Hyrum Kirkham
Annie Amelia Kirkham Fox
Leah Kirkham Anderson
Daisy Bell Kirkham Christensen
Alvin Willard Kirkham
Ruby Leona Kirkham Pack

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