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                                       Sketch written by Bessy Laverne Kirkham Fillerup


Maude Lorena was born 4 Dec 1888 at Lehi, Utah, the daughter of George and Sarah Russon Kirkham.  During youth she spent her time at Lehi and attended the schools there. 

 At the age of twelve, Maude became chorister of the Lehi Ward Sunday School, having no piano or organ, she had to pitch the tune.  From this time one she was never without a position in the church.   She never wavered in the least to give her loyal service to her church.  In 1912-14 she fulfilled a mission to which she was called in the Western States, with headquarters in Denver, Colorado.  She was Dramatic Director and performed in many dramatic plays in school, church and civic presentations, and musical programs.  She loved life and gave feely of her talents.  Although her life  span was short, 51 years, they were filled with cheerful service for others.  She was always the life of all parties she attended.  She had boundless energy and spent it in making others happy.  The following was written of her by a fellow Stake Board member in Ogden, Utah.

 It was the simplicity of her nature and brilliance and spontaneity of her wit; the broad knowledge of the finer things in life, scriptures and her church, the love of children and good books, the culture that refined her works, whether they were serious or humorous, the shining temperament that lightened her associations, it was these and such as these that impressed her personality upon the surroundings and made her life something to be remembered for her inherent values.

 Maude married John Clifford Russell of St. John, Utah who filled a mission to the Western States during 1907-009.

 Children of John Clifford and Maude Lorena Kirkham Russell
Sarah Marjorie Russell Mower
Dick Kay Russell
Warren Burnell Russell
Calvin George Harold Russell

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