Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Wrigley Gum Comments

I received the following email about the Wrigley Gum line.  I have added it as a comment on the material about Wrigley Gum, but wanted to add it here to make it more noticeable.  I love getting additional information.

Hi Carolyn,

I  am  a Wrigley researcher. I have done a lot on the Philadelphia Wrigleys  (my line) who include the Chicago (gum) Wrigleys. The current Bill Wrigley is my 4th cousin.

I ran across your blog when I was researching a Wrigley line that so far is not connected to my line.  I have been researching my family so long  (20+ years) that I now correspond  with a lot of Wrigley researchers all over the world. First, kudos on your extensive work. I have been thinking about doing a blog but have never gotten around to it. When I started, I depended on family stories and got side tracked a number of times. I am afraid your “Grandma Sarah” was mistaken about where the Philadelphia Wrigleys came from.   My 3 rd  great grandfather, Edward, came from Saddleworth, Yorkshire, England to Philadelphia and his grandson went to Chicago on business and founded the gum empire.  His line dates first to ould tame back in the mid 17th century (as far back as I could get) and gradually moved eastward to Broadhead and Knowl to the early 19th century.  This area is east of Manchester near the villages of Uppermill and Delph in Yorkshire. I have visited there several times

I am very interested in your Wrigley line and am going to read all your notes with great interest….as I have three different people whom I am helping. Maybe they are connected to you. (Probably you and I are connected too, although it would have to be back around the 1300’s I think.

I would be pleased to correspond!

Jeanne Dunn

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