Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Since posting the materials I received from Jeanne Dunn concerning the Wrigley Gum Family, I have received the following  interesting e-mails with additional information from Jeanne.  I am always glad when anyone has any material that can be added to this blog.  Thank you, Jeanne.

Hi Carolyn,

I’ve done the William Wilkerson Wrigley line ....... I think I have his line back to Oldham, Lancashire to a Joel Wrigley and wife Hannah…probably doing the same thing you did, Ancestry and family search. There is another website you might be interested in although it isn’t Yorkshire…it’s Lancashire.  It’s called Lancashire Clerks Online.  They are putting all the extant church registers online….. St. Chad Rochdale is on it…and that’s where my Wrigleys went before the “new” St Chad in Saddleworth was built. 

Here’s the “gum” line:
                Edmund Wrigley and Jane Milnes  > Edward Wrigley came to Philadelphia 1826 and married and Susan Paxson > William Wrigley and Mary Ann Ladley -> William Wrigley (chewing gum)>  Edmund Wrigley > John Eveleth Wrigley >  Hugh Tamony Wrigley > Genevieve A. Wrigley > √† moi (Jeanne Dunn)
An additional e-mail was sent from Jeanne.
"I just looked at what I sent you and I am not sure I was clear….
The William Wrigley who married Mary Ann Ladley and produced William the “gum king”  was brother to Edmund Wrigley who married Alma Eveleth Wrigley and was my ggfather.  Another fun fact is that William who eventually became very rich on gum  had been tossed out of Abington Friends School for bad behavior. According to an article I received from Bill Wrigley (my fourth cousin and the current owner who just sold the family business) William Wrigley was frequently in trouble in school and finally got expelled when the threw a pie at the school sign. His father, William Wrigley senior can’t have been happy and put his son to work in his soap factory probably doing the nastiest kinds of jobs. When he was old enough he became a traveling salesman for Wrigley Soap (his father’s product). He was somewhat of an advertizing genius. ….and the rest is history!"
Jeanne Dunn

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