Monday, May 10, 2010


Comments from Thomas Kirkham, son of Orla and Salome Kirkham, who is the son of Lott Kirkham.  Tom is now a Bishop in Ohio. 

My wife, Betty, and I were out driving around Southern Ohio today and just got home and I was looking at this that you sent me about the blog. Thank you for that, I want to tell you that years ago when dad and I drove out to Utah and then up to Idaho we stopped by and saw Bob. That was somewhere around 1984. After we had visited a while I mentioned to Bob that all my life I had heard of the Peach Stone and had never seen it. I said to him, if you have it could I see it and he thought it over for a minute or so and went to get it, then he handed to me a hanky which held it. I looked at it with very tender eyes and cried with tears of love when I saw what was carved into the stone. It was small, about the size of a nickle or jus a bit bigger, and on one side there was a ship's anchor carved into it and the other side was L K for grandpa Kirkham, Lott Kirkham.  I too wish I had a picture of it or at least a drawing of it to show my daughter Mandy. She would love to see what it looks like. She, like some of us Kirkham family members have a soft heart for things like this.

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