Thursday, May 6, 2010


This is a picture of the home in England in which George William Kirkham and Mary Ann Astington Kirkham lived at the time they came to America.  THeir four sons, James, George, Joseph and Hyrum would have lived here, as well as Thomas, who is burried in England.  They lived in the half of the taller section in front of which are the buggies and the dark window.  This structure was photographed by Mark Kirkham, (now living in the avenues) in 1964, a year before it was destroyed to make
way for new buildings. 

This is the back of the building.  The dark windows indicated th half in which they lived.  Notice the chimneys for each house. 

I have been in a home like this in England.  The front door enters into a hall which also contains the stairs that go to the other two floors.  The rooms (probably 2 per floor) open off the hall that runs to the back of the home. 

Mark Kirkham took this picture of the end of the home where it was being torn down.  (He got these pictures just in time.)  You can see the buggies on the sidewalk in front of the building.  This also shows how small the rooms were, and the fireplace.

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